Archives for March 2008

can't stop the music

Bah, look what happened to my mp3 player:

Actually I'm not 100% sure what did happen to it... it was certainly squashed against the tarmac of my parents drive by something, either a foot or a tyre.  I reckon car, because if you trod on it I think you'd slip.  Also I found it underneath where a car had been.

But it still works absolutely fine, yay :)  Which meant my drive to Shropshire yesterday was accompanied by much loud music.  Really cheesy music.  I've acquired a whole load of crap 80s pop (as an example of just how bad, this includes... continue reading »

fighting with the Home Hub

I've had a week of 'relaxation' in Wales. mmm.  Back in Brum now for a huge amount of revision and work and stuff.

Anyway, my parents have a BT Home Hub.  Nothing wrong with that (well...), apart from it's a pain in the arse and refuses to let my laptop connect to it wirelessly.

It'll let Vista connect fine, but I don't really like having to use Windows for any longer than I absolutely have to.  In linux, it tries, but the dhcp stuff never seems to happen and I get that annoying message about "no working leases in persistent database -... continue reading »

Virgin Media are a load of cocks

Yeah, what it says up there. 

I have no internet at home, and haven't for several days now.  But according to tech support/customer service/whatever there's absolutely no problem and it's all working fine.   Er, no...

Predictably I'm not happy about this, as it means I can't get anything done at home.  Which means spending too much time in hot stuffy smelly computer labs at uni, and on Tuesday the added excitement/hassle of having to drive over to the office in Ludlow to get some work finished off.  Not amused.  At all.