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(bad) losers

It's no secret that I see absolutely no point whatsoever in Eurovision.  So every year I avoid it.

Every year, the UK does not win.  Good!  And every year this ends up in large amounts of bitter sulking about how it's all politics and "not about the music" blah blah blah. Again, yawn. Talk about being bad losers...

This year, even Wogan's throwing his toys out of the pram about it.  Seriously, grow up!

In more interesting news, I would like to report that Firefox 3 on KDE is an ugly mess. I need to find a different theme that isn't broken. Not... continue reading »

A day on the Dee

Revision is still very boring.  I've been amusing myself by spending lots of time in a boat (I know, how surprising).

In the last few weeks I've done BUSA polo, been surfing in St David's (awesome fun, see photos!) and a few random canal trips.  At half 7 this morning - yes, I really was awake that early - I was paddling to the Mailbox and back.

Anyway, last Saturday we went over to Llangollen, paddled up the canal and then back down the river Dee.  In the sunshine.  Lovely :)  

That's Town Falls there, with some random paddler on it.  I... continue reading »