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Expensive Tastes

Last week was mostly spent working long hours in a posh hotel somewhere.

The upside of this is the food...

That's one of many puddings I consumed.  Some sort of blackcurrant mousse/jelly/sponge cake.  Topped with gold leaf, and very tasty.

HTC Magic: not an alarm clock

I've had my gadget phone for over six months now.  The novelty value of millions of pointless applications has worn off, meaning I'm down to a sensible number of actually quite useful ones.

Unfortunately, the alarm clock is not really one of them :|

I'm not a morning person, so I tend to have several alarms going off at different times, so I can ignore or snooze them for a while whilst I gradually wake up.
Every day my 'normal' clock alarm goes off at half 7 - then switches itself off after 30 seconds :) And it's fairly quiet, so easily... continue reading »