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I miss the mountains

My legs ache. 

Entirely due to having walked 17.5km (about 11 miles) in the Brecon Beacons yesterday.

The plan had originally been to walk up Pen Y Fan, but it looked decidedly grim and rainy up there - so instead we wandered around on the other side of the A470.  I have a nice GPS trace of the whole thing. Yay for gadget phone :)

I don't do anywhere near enough hiking any more, hmm.

footprints in the butter

Off to visit friends tomorrow, which gives me an excuse to bake cakes :)

Not that one should ever need an excuse, but a dozen or so cupcakes all to myself doesn't fit so well with the current healthy eating efforts, ahem...

Anyway, Sainsbury's had new sprinkles (to add to my already excessive collection):

Elephants!  Or possibly mammoths, I suppose.  And going by the packaging, very much aimed at small children.  But growing up is overrated, so I don't care :P

(bonus points for figuring out the post title)