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mmm, student debt

So, all this new student loan bollocks (the Browne review, aka last week's news - but I was busy in Germany so yeah)...

higher fees.  probably £7k a year (so, er, nearly 7 times what it was when I was an undergrad, ouch) raise the earning threshold for paying the money back charge a 'real' interest rate

I see obvious problems with this:

more debt overall.  I left uni with 11k of loan debt.  That'll now just be one year's worth. paying back less each month it'll take much longer to pay back

So, what happens when people get to 65 (68, 70, whatever it'll be by then),... continue reading »

Rainbow Cake!

The cupcake obsession continues...

Last week, I came across this book.  Half an hour later it was in my amazon shopping basket, and two days later it landed on my desk.  And Halloween at the end of this month (which will be spent on a muddy field/river in Wales) gives me the perfect excuse to make lots of 'goth cakes'.

Pretty much everything in there looks amazing.  I don't pretend to be any good at fancy cake decorating, so I suspect my attempts at recreating some of the cakes will be a bit crap, but there we go.

Choosing what to make first... continue reading »