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early pancakes

Tomorrow is pancake day.  However tomorrow is also climbing evening, so I've indulged a day early...

This year's choice of filling: chocolate spread & red berry compote.  Delicious!

Wye/Usk walking

First little bit of Wye for 2012!

Not hugely much to say about this one really... supposed to be kayaking, but I wasn't feeling well enough to want to sit in a boat all day, so instead went for a short walk from Rhayader down the to Elan confluence (then slept in the car until the others returned).

Crossing the Elan is a ridiculously wobbly footbridge, which actually made me feel seasick - this is a very rare thing!

On Sunday the Usk looked low and I didn't fancy it (the middle usk isn't my favourite bit of river, for whatever reason), so... continue reading »

a little bit of snow

It actually snowed in Gloucestershire yesterday! A bit surprising, given the anti-snow bubble that I'm sure usually exists...

Of course, by the time I'd finished watching rugby/football/eating dinner and decided to venture outside to take some pics, the snow had turned into rain.  So my camera got a bit wet, my fingers froze, and I couldn't be arsed to spend ages taking lots of arty photos.

Today there is very little sign of any snow - but the rest of the country seems to be covered, and everything has ground to a halt.  Normal service is resumed!