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twenty eight

Another birthday, another excuse to make cake.

This year's effort was a raspberry and blueberry lime drizzle cake, with a few blackberries mushed into the buttercream icing (I was going to use more blueberries, until I remembered that the colour comes from the skin rather than anything that would mix nicely and colour the icing)

yum yum :)


It seems Slovenia is just as lovely as it was two years ago. So I probably don't need to repeat all the waffle about how beautiful and chilled out it is...

One definite improvement on last time is the fact that I did not capsize all week - compared to 5 swims in 2010.  Partly this may be due to me now having a fatass boat (which is awesome, I love it), but mostly I would like to think it's because I've actually got better at paddling.

The first couple of days were really misty.  Not being able to see what's coming... continue reading »