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Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi.  a small cheap computer - very exciting, all over the news, massive waiting lists, etc etc.

And I've finally got my hands on one.  Ok, so it actually arrived several weeks ago, but I've only just found enough spare time to do anything with it. 

I don't need another 'plain' linux machine, and haven't yet had any genius ideas for other cool projects, so it's currently sat next to my tv/stereo, running raspbmc and acting as a media centre.

This has led to more spending and general preparation - as well as the pi, cables, SD card, power supply etc,... continue reading »


Well, London 2012 is over (with the paralympics still to come, of course)

I've paid no attention to most of the build up - not because I "didn't approve" of London getting the games, but because it's all just crappy media hype and ridiculously scary over commercialism - things I generally try and stay away from.

The actual sport is another matter.  I've been glued to various TV/computer screens watching all sorts of things.  Obviously the canoe slalom and sprint featured quite highly :) Mountain biking wasn't as exciting as I'd expected to watch on the tv, but the utter carnage of... continue reading »


Last weekend I got a little bit more Wye ticked off. Nearly there now - just got to get from Llangurig up to the source.  I reckon two more days of effort and I'll be done!

Filling in the gap between vaguely Rhayader and Newbridge - I took the bike to Llanwrthwl and did a little figure of eight.  Up to the Elan confluence, then all the way down to where I'd ended my previous ride, and back.  All on NCN8, so a slightly different route in places to the WVW footpath.

Not a huge amount to say about this one really. ... continue reading »