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Oh Christmas Tree

I actually bought a Christmas tree.  Clearly getting soft in my old age - though I still have very little excitement for anything xmas related, other than overeating.

It's black (bah humbug etc), skinny and 'pop up' - ie it's just a spiral of fake tree.  Came pre-decorated and pre-lit - but I've removed several hideous baubles, and swapped the harsh blue LEDs for some nicer warm white ones.

And I've added a few of my own decorations, though there wasn't really much space! Some holographic stars and mirror music notes from Ikea, a silver bead chain (instead of manky tinsel), and... continue reading »

Gloucester flooding

When I moved house earlier this year I kind of mostly forgot to consider one of the things Gloucester is most recently famous for - flooding.  (although mostly it doesn't matter as my flat is on the first floor)

And last week it rained an awful lot.  I checked twitter on Sunday morning to see a whole pile of tweets from @Glos_Police about overnight road closures.  Flash flooding and rubbish drainage there, I think, but obviously all that water was also headed for the rivers...

So all the media rush to Tewkesbury, because that's an easy target and you get to use... continue reading »