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Blackberry picking

It's depressingly dark far too early in the evenings, and my house is full of spiders.  I think this means it must be Autumn!

On the plus side, I picked quite a lot of blackberries yesterday.  Now they are either in a jar of vodka or in a rather delicious cake:

The other jar is vodka and lemon rind, and will hopefully be turned into limoncello in a few weeks. Yum.


A later season Alps trip this year - spending the first week of August on the River Inn in Austria and Switzerland.  There's a bit of everything there, from flat to death on a stick - more than enough to keep everyone happy!

We stayed in Prutz, which has two rather nice pizza restaurants and a lot of apricot trees.

Besides kayaking, we also went swimming several times - in the local pool, lake, and an amazing spa - more on that later.  Much entertainment whenever we came across any sort of slide!

On Wednesday afternoon we headed up to the Kauntertal Glacier. ... continue reading »