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lower Monnow cycling

Sunny Sunday afternoons are made for cycling.  Even better if it's following up a roast dinner with my parents! I went for a reasonably short (26k) bike ride up the Monnow.  Quiet lanes there, b-roads back, and two border crossings.

It would possibly have made life easier if I'd remembered that the lanes turn into narrow pothole filled not-very-road-bike-friendly terrain.  Which at one point turned into a huge road closed barrier!  But some people walking down told me it would be fine, as long as I was happy lifting my bike over a ditch/fence/barrier at the other end - and a... continue reading »

Worcestershire Beacon

Sunday was another 'make the most of the sunshine and get some fresh air' kind of day. (following a wedding reception on Saturday evening!)

So Abi and I wandered up Worcestershire Beacon, because I haven't been up there for a while. (plus the added bonus of indulging in my occasional hobby of logging trigpoints)

I like the Malverns, partly because they're so accessible.  Loads of very obvious footpaths scratched into the landscape, plenty of car parking options, and no real need for a map. 

Not the place to go if you want to get away from other people though - the toposcope was... continue reading »