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River Dart at Newbridge

Another January, another weekend on Dartmoor.

And, continuing on a theme, another long exposure shot of some water.  I know this particular bit very well - it's the very start of the Dart Loop at Newbridge, which I have kayaked many times.  Including the day before this photo was taken!

Photo taken in a rare (?!) few minutes when there weren't boats all over the place.

Carding Mill valley

I found myself in Shropshire last weekend, so decided I might as well make the most of the scenery and go for a little walk.

I arrived at Carding Mill valley at around 1pm - not quite enough time for a longer walk up to the top of the Long Mynd, and it was rather windy anyway so that can wait.

Instead I followed a couple of the signposted walks in the valley - to the reservoirs, and to Lightspout waterfall:

An excuse to crack out the ND filters!  They definitely leave a slight red colour cast, which is a bit annoying but... continue reading »

a slightly geeky christmas

As an early christmas present to myself, I've bought a second Raspberry Pi and a UnicornHat to play with (as my original model B doesn't have enough pins).  I went for an A+, and couldn't possibly comment on rumours that this was simply due to the coupé case being purple...

Anyway, what can you display on an 8x8 grid?  Lots of stuff. How about a snowman:

Or a christmas tree with flashing lights, which sat on the dinner table and then mantelpiece, and happily ran for many hours off dad's portable power bank.  Technology is great!

The light logic isn't going to win... continue reading »