2011 in photos

Welcome to 2012, home of the London Olympics (which I don't give a shit about) and possibly the end of the world (again. yawn).  Personally I'm far more excited at the idea of getting a new boat in a few months time, but there you go...

2011 ended in a quiet pub, sober.  I was knackered from paddling in the daytime and being up late drinking the night before, so I feel this is acceptable ;)
Overall, it was probably a good year.  Nothing massively bad seems to have happened - or if it did I've already forgotten it - and I've kept myself nicely busy with plenty of kayaking and walking, smaller amounts of biking and climbing, and have read 23 Discworld books.

Anyway, I can't be arsed with long wordy 'end of year' essays, so here is a photo from each month:

my new car!
January - I bought a new car!

Mark on the Clywedog
February - Mark on the Clywedog

Southwold Pier
March - a lovely weekend away with Keele friends

April - Scotland! Olly running the third drop of Triple Step on the Etive

wonky Alps group shot
May - French Alps (ok, some of this was June too)

self portrait, walking near Rhayader
June - more Wye Valley Walking, near Rhayader

July - Levity III Luminarium

view from Merbach Hill
August - the view from Merbach Hill

Hay on Wye
September - yet more walking, in Hay on Wye

October - a bit of climbing

November - fireworks, of course!

river Tawe
December  - New Year's Eve on the Tawe


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