Glasbury, Boughrood and Llanstephan

Probably the last bit of Wye Valley Walking for 2011 - Glasbury to Boughrood, and back again.

Mostly flat, walking through fields alongside the river, plus a little bit of road at Boughrood Brest.

When I reached Boughrood I stopped for lunch, then walked back to Glasbury along the road (the B4350).  I'd hoped to cut a corner of that with a footpath, but what was visible on the map was not obvious in real life!

Did randomly discover a roadside bird hide though - looking across Pwllpatti nature reserve.

Rather than driving straight home once I had a little detour further upriver, for a quick 'bonus walk' around Llanstephan bridge.  I'm hoping to complete the Erwood-Boughrood section of the Wye in my kayak in a few weeks time, but didn't want to miss out on exploring the bridge - which I think is the last wooden decked suspension bridge left in Wales, or something.

I also didn't want to miss out on getting my passport stamped at Trericket Mill. I now have all but one stamps - the missing one, of course, being the one from the source of the Wye.


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