national fitness day

According to the internet, today is National Fitness Day.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I will be having a rest day and doing nothing more strenuous than walking the boyfriend's dog.

Ooh, rebellious...  But I suspect I am not in the target demographic for this particular occasion, as being active is a well established part of my routine.  I get twitchy if I go too long without doing exercise, and consider it a waste of a nice sunny day to stay inside all the time.

Currently I'm running twice a week, in preparation for my first 10k later this month.  When I signed up the thought of running that distance seemed impossible, but now I know I can do it and I'm sort of almost looking forward to the race.

The downside of all this running is that it's taking up time I'd otherwise want to spend cycling.  Both bikes have been rather neglected this summer :(


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