outdoor climbing

My far too on-off relationship with rock climbing has been based entirely indoors for many years now.. until last weekend!

First off, an impromptu Sunday evening bouldering session at Haresfield.  I didn't actually do much, because I'm not hugely fussed on bouldering (I like ropes and harnesses!).  But any excuse to take photos and be a bit sociable.

Then an after work trip up Cleeve Hill on Monday, climbing as the sun set.  Absolutely beautiful - views across Cheltenham and warm limestone!

me climbing at Cleeve
photo of me, taken by Hazel

Unsurprisingly I'd forgotten how different outdoor climbing is to the climbing wall, with its convenient and obvious holds.  I frequently found myself struggling to figure out where to put my hands.  More practise required!

I could definitely get used to this unseasonably warm weather - though as soon as the sun set it did get rather chilly, as a nice reminder that it's still only the middle of April, hah.

Shame my juicy looking apple went for an unplanned trip down a steep bit of hillside though.  Better than knocking something important off, I guess


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