Painswick Rococo Gardens

Painswick Rococo Gardens is only a few miles from where I've been living for the last 9 years, but I'd never thought about visiting.  Thanks to the Cotswold Bloggers group, that has now changed.

As part of English Tourism Week 2018, Visit England organised a series of Instameets to showcase certain venues/parts of the country.  This seemed like an excellent opportunity to take lots of pictures, meet some new people, and generally fail at networking.
I will add a disclaimer now: we were provided with free entry to the gardens, and also tea and cake in the café afterwards.  Thanks also go to Cotswold Tourism who were involved in the organisation.  Here's a group photo of everyone who attended.

Unsurprisingly, I posted quite a few of my photos on Instagram:

But I'd like to share a few more here too.

light on the café building
lamp outside the café

The day itself was cold - and in fact the day afterwards there was so much snow that the gardens were closed.  Within about ten minutes into our hour of wandering around my toes had gone numb, brrr. 

view from a window
view from the Pigeon House

I'd forgotten how much I enjoy just wandering around with a camera taking pictures of whatever random things I feel like.  I certainly do less of this while out walking now, as I usually have a dog lead in my hand and/or dogs to keep a keen eye on.

duck bums

Oh, did I mention there was cake?  It was very good.  The café was lovely and warm too - just what we needed.


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