It's been snowing!  As usual we've not got it as bad as the rest of the country, but meh.

So being a responsible grown up, I went and built a snowman in my garden.  I had started one at work on Friday whilst waiting for anyone else to show up and unlock, but that one didn't get much past 'skittle' size/shape.


Two faces because I did the first one (on the left, with leaf tie/scarf), then realised you could only see it from standing inside the garden - hence second face on the other side, visible to the neighbours.

Later on I noticed I'd been completely outdone by a neighbour's children/grandchildren - but theirs fell over after an hour or so - so hah, I win.

I also tried tobogganing down the grass at the front of my house, which unsurprisingly didn't work, what with it being pretty much flat...

Anyway, that was fun with snow.. yesterday was less fun, and more scary driving.  Having foolishly assumed that it was ok to go out just after it had started snowing heavily again, because I only needed to drive on the main road and that would surely be gritted and clear... haha, nope.  Crawled back home a few hours later at about 20mph, with traction control warning lights flashing at me every now and again.


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