the boring side of Hereford

Last weekend's walking takes the dubious honour of being the most boring bit of Wye Valley Walk so far...

It started with a short bus journey into Hereford, where I got my passport stamped, had lunch, and wandered around the market for a bit.  So far, so good..

The path closely follows the river bank for about 4km out of Hereford.  Not that I could see the river, because of loads of hedge/bushes in the way (and butterflies, ick).  And on the other side of the narrow footpath?  A barbed wire fence, and some very boring fields.

random image

After 45 mins of boredom, the path leaves the river side.  A little bit of road, then back along the edges of some very dull fields.

Eventually I found myself walking up a small gentle hill, with a minor detour at the top (a mighty 114m high) to find the trig point.  Which was half hidden in a hedge.

Down the hill, along a bit more road, through some more fields, an orchard, yet more fields (including a very annoying one where the path was hidden under shoulder high crops), and a bit more road.. and I was back where I'd parked the car.  13km, and I took a grand total of 10 photos :p

As you may have gathered by now, I was especially impressed with this section.  Too many fields, and not enough interesting scenery! (also very flat)

Sunday was a bit more eventful, as it involved another trip to the Tryweryn.  More sunshine, more midge bites...


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