Farewell, Discworld

I started reading Discworld in 2011. Yes, very late to the party!  The first book I read was Equal Rites, simply because that was the earliest one my brother had that I could borrow.  I was soon hooked, and have read the whole lot at least twice since then.

I don't remember why I never got round to reading any Pratchett earlier - possibly it was slightly daunting to be faced with a series of 37 books.  But I'm glad I did, because he was a very talented man.  I'm very much in favour of books where I don't figure out... continue reading »

Kobo Mini

In January, I found myself with an unexpectedly healthy post-xmas bank balance, so treated myself to yet another new gadget - an ereader.  I chose a Kobo Mini, in white.

Three months later I've read 33 books in about 135 hours.  It's great!  e-ink is very natural to read from, and the reader itself is small and hand sized.  Definitely better for taking on holiday than a stack of paperbacks.

Why Kobo?  Or more to the point, why not a Kindle?  I only need three letters to answer that: DRM.  Amazon can shove their proprietry locked in files and 'whispernet' up their... continue reading »

a town made of books

I'm spending a large amount of my spare time at the moment editing photos.  This is the one 'downside' of spending weekends out and about!  It also creates backlogs of actual blog posts (ie the words to go with the pictures!), oops.

Here's a small hint about where I went walking last Sunday:

Books and bookshops wherever you look.  Must be Hay on Wye!

I arrived around lunchtime, having got up early to watch Wales put in a fantastic effort against South Africa in their opening game of the rugby world cup (far more entertaining than watching England miss kicks the previous morning... continue reading »