Haldon Forest mountain biking, and a walk on Dartmoor

It's January, so I've been for the traditional weekend of kayaking on Dartmoor.  But with one slight difference - I took my mountain bike instead of a boat.

"But you love paddling the Dart!".  Yes, I really do.  But river levels were looking like being ridiculously low, and I decided I'd get more enjoyment out of doing something else than scraping down an empty river.  Besides, I've done the Dart low plenty of times before.

Four of us took bikes, and we decided to go to Haldon Forest trail centre.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get too... continue reading »

Dartmeet to Bellever Tor

Mid January sees the traditional weekend trip to Dartmoor, for kayaking and drinking.  This year water levels were low, but not so low that we couldn't paddle.  I've not done anywhere near enough kayaking recently, so a nice trip down the Loop was just what I needed to remind me what I've been missing!

On Sunday the levels were no different, so options were: paddle the Loop again, or go for a walk.  I chose walking.

We started at Dartmeet and headed upstream, crossing the East Dart at the Laughter Hole stepping stones.  Not the friendliest stepping stones I've ever used -... continue reading »

River Dart at Newbridge

Another January, another weekend on Dartmoor.

And, continuing on a theme, another long exposure shot of some water.  I know this particular bit very well - it's the very start of the Dart Loop at Newbridge, which I have kayaked many times.  Including the day before this photo was taken!

Photo taken in a rare (?!) few minutes when there weren't boats all over the place.

4* training

2012's kayaking adventures started with a weekend of 4* training on Dartmoor.

Now, I'm not really one for paperwork - I got my 1* at the age of about 13, but that doesn't count!  Last year I made a bit more effort and got FSRT and First Aid certificates, but missed out on 2*assessment due to illness.  This year's aim is to do WWSR - in my opinion far more useful than star awards!

On Saturday morning we met up with Chris, our trainer/coach/whatever, in Buckfastleigh and after a bit of a briefing got kitted up and headed off to paddle the... continue reading »