A rare occasion where most of the software department were let out of a) the office and b) the country for work purposes.

Couple of days of meetings in Germany.  On the hottest week of the year so far - 33° and no air con in their offices, argh.  But lovely cooling(!) seats in our hire car, which was a bell and whistle filled Range Rover.  Nice.

Anyway, flying is still very much a novelty for me, and on the way back I had a window seat:

Unfortunately I came back with several new insect bites, acquired whilst sitting in a beer garden... continue reading »

An Unexpected Adventure

Part of my job involves occasional trips out of the office, to work at conferencey type things for a couple of days.

Last Wednesday I flew to Berlin.  El cheapo Easyjet from Bristol - so two hours of getting mildly annoyed by small children running up and down the plane.

Thursday morning I get told that a volcano has erupted in Iceland, and flights were probably going to be grounded all day....  My return flight was Saturday at 9pm.

So there followed two days of obsessive refreshing of BBC news and easyjet's status webpages.
By Saturday morning my flight had officially been cancelled. 'Luckily'... continue reading »