Last full day in Iceland - no bus trips! Instead we bought a Reykjavík welcome card and hit the museums.

We started with the maritime museum, which was very much like any other maritime museum, but with more dried fish.  There'd been a fair amount of fishing related stuff at the folk museum too - as obviously the sea is rather important in the history of small island countries!

Then we went to the 871±2 settlement museum - located under a random hotel, where they found the remains of a longhouse during building work.  This one was really interesting, and nicely done... continue reading »

Iceland's south shore

17th June is Iceland's national day - this year marked the 70th anniversary of their independence from Denmark. I didn't realise it was so recent, but history has never been my strong point...

Anyway, we spent the day on another coach tour - the South Shore Adventure with Reykjavik Excursions.  It rained. I took far too many very similar photos, none of which are particularly spectacular.  But it was a really interesting day, with a lot of stuff crammed in.  Definitely recommended.


I've walked on/in glaciers in France and Austria, but mum had never seen one before.  This one is covered in... continue reading »

Golden Circle

The first of two days sat on tour buses, and another Icelandic "must do" - the Golden Circle.  Loads of companies offer this tour, but we picked Iceland Excursions because it mentioned a tour of a geothermal power station.  Which did not occur - instead we went to a horse place.  But nevermind!

The first big stop of the day was Þingvellir, an interesting place for several reasons.  It's the location of Iceland's first parliament, and it's a rift valley between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates.  So there's all sorts of fissures and big rocky walls and things, as... continue reading »

The Blue Lagoon

To celebrate this year's Significant Birthdays, last month my mum and I went to Iceland!  Very exciting, as I've wanted to go there for years :) We flew Easyjet from Bristol, and stayed in Reykjavik at Hotel Leifur Eiriksson.

Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) we managed to pick a rainy week so a lot of the beautiful panoramic scenery I'd hoped to see (and photograph) was hidden behind large amounts of cloud.  But I've been to Wales on rainy days, so this is nothing new!  Didn't stop me taking about a million photos, of course..

Mid June is also (almost) midnight sun, but... continue reading »