BUSA polo

My plan for last weekend was to have a break from revision and go and watch my mates play canoe polo, party, and generally enjoy myself.

BUSA polo

This backfired at some point last week, when someone realised that the B team only had 4 players (you need 5, plus ideally a sub or two), and I found myself offering to take my kit and play.  hmm.  I still haven't made my mind up about polo - I like playing it, but I don't think I'm really competitive enough, heh.  Also the rules say you can push people in if they have the ball!!

On the plus side, this means that there are now plenty of photos of me in a boat!  Obviously only a polo boat, but that's a start, hehe.  I have no idea who we played, but we lost, drew, then lost again.  And forfeited the game were supposed to play at 8:30 on Sunday morning, because no-one bothered checking so we only found out at 25 past.  At this point the team captain was throwing up and the rest of us were asleep and hungover, so no way would we have got up, got ready and got on the pitch in time. oops!

Anyway, apparently we finished 11th.  11 is obviously a good number, as that's where our Ladies and Old Git teams finished in their leagues too :) (the MAN team were 18th, good effort!)


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