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Glevum Way, part 3


On a rather windy afternoon (thanks to storm Brian), we finished walking the Glevum Way.

We picked up where we left it last time, with familiar paths around the golf course then across fields to the A38.  From here on the route was mostly new to me.  More fields with really easy to follow paths took us to Sandhurst, then we walked along the road for about 1km to the river.

Glevum way, through fields

The riverside path was... interesting.  Narrow, a bit overgrown, and tucked away between garden fences and the water. Oh, and a stile with the word 'DEATH' spray painted onto it. There was also far too much rubbish strewn all over the place, which only got worse as we got closer to the city.

dumped trolley and rubbish
it was jokingly suggested that this could be 'art'. No. it's rubbish dumped by idiots :(

The other thing we noticed as we approached 'civilisation' was a gradual increase in traffic noise, and the soothing sound of sirens.  Ahh...

After popping out at what google maps labels the 'Westgate leisure area', it was a little wiggle of bridges to cross the Severn, walk along the other bank, and cross back at the lock.  I'm not actually sure exactly where in the docks the official start/end point of the route is, but we decided that Tank would do and celebrated with burgers and beer :)

We walked 12km in 2.5hr, with almost no need to stop and check the map. The signposts and stickers on this section were actually pretty good, apart from at Westgate where they seemed to vanish.

The Glevum Way is certainly a varied route - very urban, but also lots of countryside.  I've really enjoyed walking a lap of Gloucester.

Hole in the Wall


One of the many lovely things about having dogs is having a good excuse to go for nice walks with other dog-owning friends.  It had been a while since we walked with Abi, so we put a date in the diary and then spent far too long trying to decide where to go.

We eventually decided on this route, at Hole in the Wall.  Unfortunately Jon was suffering from man flu, so I left him at home with Bonnie and just took Tilly. There's nowhere to park in the village (hamlet? handful of houses?) itself, but there is a layby just up the road marked as parking on OS maps.

Speaking of OS maps, this is the first time I properly used the android app (though I did of course have a paper map in my bag).  It felt very lazy to plot the route in, then just hit a button and have my phone tell me if we were going off track.  I'm sure that's cheating somehow?

wibbly lines
so many lines

One important thing that the route description hadn't mentioned is how many stiles there were.  I lost count. Some had gaps big enough for the dogs to squeeze through, but most were not dog friendly.  Tilly doesn't mind being scooped up and carried over things, but Cai was a lot less keen!  He'd just sit down and look at Abi as if to say "oh not again, can't you just leave me be?!".

Give us your lunch please!

Another thing this walk had lots of was pheasants. At one point Tilly vanished into a wooded area and tried to flush a load out, and she ended up back on the lead a few more times later on because they were distracting her too much.  Her recall and prey drive are a lot better than Bonnie's, but she still can't be completely trusted...



For a late summer holiday this year we had a week in Croatia. 

We flew from Luton, because we were booking late and that's where affordable flights were... stupid traffic jams on the M25 and M1 made me rather anxious about getting to the airport on time, but obviously we did get there or I wouldn't be writing this!

Anyway, we landed in Dubrovnik airport just before 10pm.  Our accommodation for the first two nights was at Villa Radović in Cavtat, and I'd taken them up on the offer of an airport transfer (which took all of 15 minutes!).  Within an hour of landed we'd checked in, freshened up, walked down the hill into town and were sat on the seafront enjoying a nice cocktail.  Lovely :)


Two nights gave us one full day in Cavtat.  To be honest this was probably enough - it's a very small town! However it's quiet, cheaper and generally more relaxed than Dubrovnik, so definitely a good place to stay.

After breakfast pastries, we had a wander around the Rat peninsular, consumed ice cream, and in the afternoon went sea kayaking.


I haven't done much kayaking at all recently.. in fact this was my first time paddling something other than a swimming pool all year!  We were in a group of 6, with the others on tandem boats.  We were offered this option but I was very quick to turn it down. Jon didn't seem keen on sharing either.

We paddled around the bay, then out to Supetar island where we stopped for a swim, drink and another little wander.  Jon then managed to capsize while trying to splash me, which I obviously found hilarious.