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Because it would take far too long to properly write up the two weeks I've just spent in the French Alps, here's a random photo and a list:

two ferries 32 hours of driving (at least) many euros one river paddled (l'Argentiere Slalom course, and a bit beyond due to missing the eddy) half of the Chateau Q via ferrata (because it started raining and got quite slippery) one glacier and ice cave one funfair two books several bottles of wine two very yummy crepes many croissants/pain au chocolat various bits of sunburn about 160 photos (using up 6 sets of batteries!!  not impressed!) large quantities of faff a general lack of sleep

I'm probably missing... continue reading »

lazy list

Feeling lazy, have a list:

instant green tea would be a lot nicer if it wasn't polluted with artificial sweetners.  Actually this is true for many things. have decided that this week is one of the occasional weeks where I analyse my emails.  There may be a graph if I feel bothered. So far facebook is winning.Today seems massive bill day.  eww. I still have no desire to start playing wownew (and better) food bin turned up today :)  and oooh, weekly food waste collections.  this is good, I can't cope with all the mould spores that appear every time I... continue reading »

need more friends...

I keep meaning to write about things then forgetting or just generally being too lazy. So here is a list of things I've been thinking about/doing over the last few weeks, in no particular order:

Went shopping in Brighton. For the day. Got the car serviced. This cost lots of money. As did the park+ride into town whilst I was waiting, because apparently if you walk to the bus rather than drive it costs £2 rather than £1. Odd. went to Alton Towers Finally figured out what crappy radio station it is that occasionally interferes with Kerrang on my... continue reading »