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Birds and rocks

Whilst sat in a massivly huge traffic jam on the A49 yesterday evening, I heard the distinctive sound of a small rock landing on the roof of my car. There were some kids wandering around, probably trying to get a look at whatever was causing the traffic jam (big crash), so I assumed it was them throwing stuff. How rude.

I somehow managed to get home without it falling off (mostly because I was only doing 25 miles an hour because of the traffic), and a quick inspection revealed that the rock was absolutely covered in bird poo. ... continue reading »

"In Flight"

Alex gets back from Russia late tonight :) I'll be spending the evening tracking his flights online. He's currently 'in flight', apparently. ooh

It'll be nice to have him back, as I'm starting to get quite bored of being on my own. Still, the last few weeks has proved that I can cope and not end up in a total mess..
The other bonus of him coming home is that I finally get my new camera :D And half of the money to pay for it, which is possibly more important.

Anyway, for once I'm being a good... continue reading »

The Car Radio

My mother once told me not to listen to music whilst driving, as it's too much of distraction. I took no notice of her (sorry mum!), and always have the radio on if I'm driving somewhere on my own.

Things that interrupt my enjoyment of AM radio during my drive to and from work:

thunderstorms the weather generally power lines trains Church Stretton

And also occasionally the car itself, which I find slightly odd...

The crackle and fuzz was so bad on the way home today that I could barely hear the music, then eventually realised it was some crap by my least favourite whinging ex-soldier, so... continue reading »


The radio alarm comes on in the morning, giving me an hour of news to half-listen to until I finish waking up and get out of bed.

Today I heard the words 'River Monnow', and some discussion about tributaries and the Dore and riverbanks and habitats and stuff. And waterfalls. They're repopulating the river with waterfalls. Lots and lots of waterfalls, to replace ones that vanished years ago.
I can't have been very awake because this didn't seem at all strange. Well, it did a little bit, but only because I couldn't figure out how you'd make new... continue reading »