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No news

It must be August, as there is no news (apart from random terrorist incidents).
Over the last few weeks I've read about how high heels are bad for you (which is hardly new news), something about french kids getting high on mothballs (which at least made me laugh), some MP saying that diabetes is caused by inbreeding and a load of boring twaddle about various other stuff.

Today though we have the wonderful news that David Beckham has been dropped from the England squad! I've been saying for ages that he's past his best, and although I think dropping him completely... continue reading »

BT are idiots

This week I have had the unfortunate pleasure of having to speak to someone in BT's callcentre. Bet you can guess where this post is going already...

I like paying bills online. I logged in to pay our last phone bill online, to discover that for some reason the new account never got added after we moved. So I set it up, and got a message saying bills/calls etc would be viewable 'within 48 hours'.
Four days later and there's still no sign of any details. So I phoned customer services, and had a frustrating conversation with a... continue reading »