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I swam 70 lengths today. 55 dodgy breast stroke, 15 dodgy front crawl. Last time I did 60, but I probably won't push for 80 next week though, heh :D Don't want to overdo it!

Swimming is an odd one though. I used to hate it so much when I was younger, to the point of skiving off all the swimming galas and conveniently forgetting my kit...
But now I quite like it. Probably because now there's no one shouting at me about it, and no 'friends' threatening to drown me because they think it's some hilarious joke.

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kubuntu is rubbish!

I've broken linux. And this time I really do mean broken - not just screwed up configs or weird boot errors - absolutely totally completely broken beyond all repair. And I'm not amused.

Actually, none of this is my fault. I'm blaming Kubuntu and its overhyped crapness.
Desktop linux, easy for anyone to install and use, detects all sorts of hardware, sets everything up properly blah blah blah. I've only ever heard good things about how good the install process is. So I thought I may as well give it a go, because I'd quite like... continue reading »


Can you 'bah humbug' about Halloween? Good :)

Absolutely bratty kids begging for sweets this year, which was a nice change! And no minichavs egging the house either - possibly because they were all too busy skateboarding around Somerfield in Ludlow with baskets full of eggs and flour...

Last year, when I was living in Newcastle, the house got egged. A lot. Eggs do not make a nice noise when they smash against windows :s I think we possibly had one lot of kids knocking on the door, but they got ignored.
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