I swam 70 lengths today. 55 dodgy breast stroke, 15 dodgy front crawl. Last time I did 60, but I probably won't push for 80 next week though, heh :D Don't want to overdo it!

Swimming is an odd one though. I used to hate it so much when I was younger, to the point of skiving off all the swimming galas and conveniently forgetting my kit...
But now I quite like it. Probably because now there's no one shouting at me about it, and no 'friends' threatening to drown me because they think it's some hilarious joke.

There is one big problem with me swimming though - my eyes don't work properly! I really hate not having my glasses on because everything that's further than 6 inches from the end of my nose turns into a massive blur :( Obviously it's not so bad that I can't see if I'm about to swim into someone, but it's annoying not to be able to see the clock or eye up any fit lifeguards - not that I can tell if any of them are or not! d'oh.
I need to get my eyes tested at some point soon, so I might ask about prescription goggles, and if they're not too expensive then I might treat myself. The goggles I have now are terrible anyway - one pair really really hurts the top of my nose, and the other pair leaks and leaves nasty goggle marks all over my face.

Anyway, swimming is the only exercise I'm getting at the moment so I shouldn't complain too much. I'd quite like to take up climbing again but I don't have anyone to go with so that's on hold (heh).


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    I can't swim one length, let alone 70... Waaah

    Amelie | 15th Nov 06 23:15

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