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Just as I was about to leave for work this morning a plumber turned up.  I wasn't expecting one, and it meant I had to faff around going to find my landlady so I could go to work and know that the house would get locked at some point.  grr.

This isn't quite as random as it may sound, as our landlady is getting central heating put in the house after we move out.  At least, I thought it would be after we moved out...  We've seen the listing on the lettings agent's website and it says 'available April', giving... continue reading »

driving and tshirts

Well, the inevitable has happened.  One week before I'm supposed to move out of this house and I've finally managed to drive through the lanes to the A458 without getting lost.  Bloody typical! 

Getting out of the lanes heading North has never been an issue, but heading South...  Previous attempts (generally when going to either Ironbridge or Bridgnorth) have ended up with me going all over the place then finally appearing somewhere completely different to where I thought I'd be, having driven several more miles that I'd have liked.  Same with going back, as I always miss the turning.

Today's trip... continue reading »

words that should not exist, part 1

"denuclearize" (and all variants thereof)

Whatever the stupid Americans on the news today might think, that cannot be a real word.

the problem with snow

ooh, a whole two inches!  It always amuses me to see quite how badly this country copes with a tiny bit of snow - traffic chaos, schools closed, nothing else on the news for days because it's all so very exciting...  I expect that anyone in any of the many countries that get regular snow (and know how to cope with it) are pointing and laughing at us right now.

I say that, but I am currently sat at home rather than being at work, because the roads are horrible and I'd rather not risk crashing my car.  It's annoying, because... continue reading »

ahh, scaremongering

Wandering around Ludlow today I spotted an advert in a shop window for some rubbishy anti-wrinkle cream or other.  Not usually something I would think about for any more than half a second, because I am nowhere near arsed enough about wasting money on face cream, but this was different.  Bad Science.  One of my favourite things to rant about.

If electromagnetic waves can penetrate walls, imagine what they can do to your skin.

It might have actually used the magic word "radiation" instead of waves - I can't remember.  ooh, doesn't that all sound exotic and sciencey and BAD!  Electricity!  Magnets!... continue reading »