words that should not exist, part 1

"denuclearize" (and all variants thereof)

Whatever the stupid Americans on the news today might think, that cannot be a real word.



  1. Amelie's gravatar

    Part 1a: "PPPing", "PPPers", "PPP"-anything

    Amelie | 14th Feb 07 2:07

  2. Robin's gravatar

    As per our discussion; Lazer

    Robin | 14th Feb 07 2:38

  3. Amelie's gravatar

    "E-zine"/"ezine" should not exist either.

    Amelie | 14th Feb 07 3:17

  4. Katy's gravatar

    actually, 'e-anything' should be fairly high on the hitlist

    and 'blog'. urgh

    Katy | 14th Feb 07 3:44

  5. Jem's gravatar

    What's wrong with e-mail?

    Jem | 14th Feb 07 21:37

  6. Robin's gravatar

    I think e-commerce should get to stay too.
    Its commerce but in an electronic form...
    like mail...

    Robin | 15th Feb 07 0:21

  7. Katy's gravatar

    email is fine - it's anything thats e hyphen something that pisses me off

    Katy | 15th Feb 07 1:25

  8. Jem's gravatar


    Jem | 15th Feb 07 3:33

  9. Amelie's gravatar

    Anything with a Z in it (when it should be an S)... Realize, optimize, maximize, denationalize, apologize...

    Amelie | 15th Feb 07 4:05

  10. Iain's gravatar

    Katy - you said 'e-popular' the other day... ewww...

    Iain | 15th Feb 07 18:39

  11. Katy's gravatar

    yes Iain, and I also told you that I only said it in a 'taking the piss' kind of way...

    Katy | 15th Feb 07 18:49

  12. Robin's gravatar


    Robin | 16th Feb 07 1:10

  13. Jem's gravatar

    e-popular is a l33t word.

    Jem | 16th Feb 07 1:19

  14. Iain's gravatar

    Dare i say 'Microsoft'? :-p

    Iain | 16th Feb 07 6:41

  15. Jem's gravatar

    Despite the flaws in Windows, Bill Gates still donates huge amounts of money to charity. Get rid of 'Microsoft' and you are failing charities all over.

    [/sob story]

    Jem | 16th Feb 07 17:05

  16. Katy's gravatar

    heh, you really don't want to start that arguement... (plus, you know, you'll lose :p)

    Katy | 16th Feb 07 18:55

  17. Amelie's gravatar

    Linux (pronounced line-ucks) needs to be banned. Linux pronounced linn-ooks is still allowed though :P

    Amelie | 17th Feb 07 1:20

  18. Katy's gravatar

    no, you can't ban linux, no matter how it's pronounced :P

    Katy | 17th Feb 07 1:40

  19. Jem's gravatar

    Not starting any argument.. wouldn't want you Linux fanboys/girls getting your knickers in a twist. ;) You know I use Windows because it's what works best for me and for no other reason :P

    Jem | 17th Feb 07 1:49

  20. Iain's gravatar

    oops... sorry :-)

    Iain | 17th Feb 07 6:32

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