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Flooded Ludlow

It's been raining.  Lots.  This means lots of water in the rivers, and then lots of water on bits of land next to the rivers.

Yup, floods.  I'm well practised at floods - Monmouth is very good at them, and I've seen some quite impressive examples.

Ludlow, on the other hand...   The big river here is the Teme, but there's also the Corve which is usually small and weedy.  However, yesterday evening it decided to stop being small and weedy and rose very very quickly - from being within its banks to completely flooding the main road in about an hour and... continue reading »

odd sights

Some amusing/bizarre things from the last week or so:

Tuesday evening, massive thunderstorm :)  Later on I notice that the church clock (which is very noisy) had lost two and a half hours.  I don't know if it got struck.  Cue many bad jokes about Ludlow being 'behind the times' etc.Man emptying the bins.  Nothing weird here you might think - but instead of taking the bag out of the bin and chucking the whole lot in his little cart thing, he'd was using one of those litter picking grabby sticks to remove things from the bin one at... continue reading »

Happy Birthday Me!

Various websites tell me that it is now my birthday.  Woo, I'm 23 :D

I thought this was a boring number and was a bit meh about it but then this morning (yesterday morning) I had a very sad geeky moment where I actually said - out loud with much glee - "oooooh, prime number!!"

So there you go...

Cats and Chocolate. what more could a girl need?

I have somehow found myself with not much to do this weekend, so following a very long and lazy lie in, I went for a wander around Ludlow. 

And came back with a new cat.  I have another cat ornament in the same style, that one's smaller and blue and in a silly pose and is actually one of my favourite random house decorations :)  So I couldn't resist buying this one to join it. It's a bit more fragile and, er, rustic, but only cost me £1.25 so that's ok, heh.

Perhaps more importantly, I finally found the chocolate shop in... continue reading »

Browsers and Operating Systems

I've been playing with the new Safari beta.  On windows, so on my machine at work obviously. (did try with wine but the installer was having none of it, heh)

What do I think of it?  It's a browser.  Another one to add to the growing collection that as a web developer I obviously need to have... (no, really)

I'm slightly suspicious of anything Appley anyway, cos they're rather too fond of over hyped expensive proprietry stuff and mac fanboys are weird and scarily obsessive.  But windows safari seems vaguely the same as mac safari in terms of how it works... continue reading »

London 2012 - like bad pink graffiti

So, the 2012 London Olympics logo... I love it! 

In the way that I really hate it, think it is absolutely disgusting and ugly and a massive waste of money (£400k - how? why?!).

First reaction on seeing it at some point yesterday lunchtimeish was an interesting mixture of laughing and disgust.  Seriously?

But apparently it's meant to be aimed at the 'youth' of Britain, quite possibly in the same slightly cringy way that politicians like to think they are 'cool' and 'down with the kids'.  So not at all then...

Not found anyone saying anything good about it yet either, heh. ... continue reading »

New MP3 Player

I've bought myself a new mp3 player.  One of these.  It's small and shiny and rather nice, and came with the shortest usb cable I have ever seen - 12cm including both connectors!  The player could really do with a clip though, but I can buy that as an accessory and it'll still work out much cheaper and better than an ipod shuffle :P

Only problem is, I'm sat here now listening to it (because hey, it's new and all), but I keep getting confused because I'm pressing win+b on my keyboard to skip to the next track and nothing's happening....... continue reading »