New MP3 Player

I've bought myself a new mp3 player.  One of these.  It's small and shiny and rather nice, and came with the shortest usb cable I have ever seen - 12cm including both connectors!  The player could really do with a clip though, but I can buy that as an accessory and it'll still work out much cheaper and better than an ipod shuffle :P

Only problem is, I'm sat here now listening to it (because hey, it's new and all), but I keep getting confused because I'm pressing win+b on my keyboard to skip to the next track and nothing's happening.... duuuhh!

Now if only I could find my cassette adapter for the car.. not that it works anymore, but still 



  1. Jonathan's gravatar

    If only you had a clip like my shiny new blue iPod shuffle...

    Jonathan | 5th Jun 07 17:22

  2. Katy's gravatar

    nah, cos then I'd have to have itunes and evil apple drm nonsense :P

    Katy | 6th Jun 07 16:13

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