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bah humbug, it's November

So, not only is the telly full of stupid perfume adverts, as well as that bloody coke christmas advert, but in one of the many horrible shops in one of the many horrible shopping centres in town today what did I hear but "Merry Christmas Everybody". 
Or rather, the first 30 seconds of it, at which point I'd had enough, considered sticking my fingers in my ears but thought that might be a bit too obnoxious, and exited sharpish.

I mean come on, it's still just about November so there's no excuse for it.  Christmas is rubbish and I... continue reading »

minus what?

This makes my brain hurt. Mainly because I refuse to believe that people really are so stupid.

Negative numbers aren't scary, unless they're the ones representing my bank balance...

Although saying that, I was sleepily failing to get my head around this kind of stuff in a  rather dull lecture yesterday.  It makes sense now I've re-read it though.  mmmm, geeky.

Lots of Fireworks

Today, being November 5th, is Guy Fawkes night.  Or bonfire night, if you prefer.  This means lots of exploding things, yay :D

Last Thursday was the display at The Vale (bit of uni where some of the halls are).  It was awesome - half an hour of non-stop and very impressive fireworks!  I think I did actually get to the point of oohing and ahhing too, ahem.  And taking many many photos.

No bonfire there though - but on Saturday I went off with one of my housemates to another display somewhere.  Less impressive on the fireworks, but a massive bonfire... continue reading »