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people you don't want to know

Facebook has added two new features in the last few weeks.  Well, I'm sure it's always adding new stuff, but I mean noticeable things.

Most obviously there's a new chat thing.  Which is ok, if slightly unnecessary.  I don't realise it's there and don't notice when people send me messages, but most annoyingly, it changes (and 'flashes') the title text of the web page.  Websites should NEVER be allowed to do this!  ever.

Also new and annoying is "people you might know".  I'll give it some credit, it is fairly accurate.  However, most of the people showing up on it are... continue reading »

Vegetables and Wine

I was reading the packaging of the sweets I was eating yesterday, as you do.  Now I want to know why they feel the need to sneak vegetables into strawberry laces.  Is nothing sacred?!  It was bad enough when I was younger and discovered that the chunks in Branston Pickle are bits of veg...  Stopped eating it for ages, heh

Anyway it's almost the weekend again, which means I'm off camping again, and have purchased yet another bottle of wine.  My current criteria for buying wine is that it's pink, costs less than a fiver, and most importantly has a... continue reading »

BUSA polo

My plan for last weekend was to have a break from revision and go and watch my mates play canoe polo, party, and generally enjoy myself.

This backfired at some point last week, when someone realised that the B team only had 4 players (you need 5, plus ideally a sub or two), and I found myself offering to take my kit and play.  hmm.  I still haven't made my mind up about polo - I like playing it, but I don't think I'm really competitive enough, heh.  Also the rules say you can push people in if they have the... continue reading »