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It's been a busy week.  Last weekend I was up in Birmingham for the kayak club xmas meal/social (so, a drunken night out then), and yesterday I was up in Birmingham yet again for the small matter of a graduation ceremony :D

Plenty more photos to come if and when I acquire them from various other family cameras.

Birmingham graduation was a lot different to Keele - for starters, this time I actually got to graduate with people I know.  I don't think it dragged on as long either.

However, no escape from crazy organists... walking out of my ceremony at Keele, the... continue reading »

kubuntu -> xubuntu

KDE4.  I've mentioned it before, although that was a while ago when it was new and really not in a usable state...

New ubuntu came out last month, and I have it running on my work machine. Installed as kubuntu, but after one week I was so fed up with it that I switched to xfce, so it's more xubuntu now - and I've even changed the bootsplash to reflect that :)

That's all fine, and not especially worth talking about.  But the other day I found myself reading Planet Debian or Planet KDE or similar, and some discussion about whether or... continue reading »