It's been a busy week.  Last weekend I was up in Birmingham for the kayak club xmas meal/social (so, a drunken night out then), and yesterday I was up in Birmingham yet again for the small matter of a graduation ceremony :D

random graduation image!

Plenty more photos to come if and when I acquire them from various other family cameras.

Birmingham graduation was a lot different to Keele - for starters, this time I actually got to graduate with people I know.  I don't think it dragged on as long either.

However, no escape from crazy organists... walking out of my ceremony at Keele, the organist launched into "show me the way to amarillo".  Which was unnecessarily cheesy, although also now about the only thing about it that I ever tell anyone.. hmm.
Anyway, this time, when we were sat waiting for the ceremony to start they started playing christmas music.  Guess how hilariously amusing I found that...

Selly Oak in December is also significantly colder than Keele in July.  Funny that.

In between trips to Brum, I've been slightly pre-occupied with being quite ill.  That's less fun.

And the fun doesn't stop just yet - today I've handed over what was left of my overdraft to some nice lettings agency people in exchange for the keys to a rather nice flat in Gloucester Docks.  So tomorrow is house moving day!


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  1. geek's mum's gravatar

    So, what is wrong with "sleigh ride"? Presumably if you are inuit this happens all year, not just at Christmas?
    Next time you move, could we transport it by sleigh?

    geek's mum | 14th Dec 08 12:45

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