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Street Viewed

Reading the local news this morning I saw mention of the google street view car having been spotted around Gloucestershire.  Exciting stuff. (Along with various comments about invasion of privacy, and Gloucester being a dump, etc etc)

Anyway, I popped into town this evening to buy some bread, and as I was walking home I saw a car with a large object on the roof.  Weird.  A split second later my brain registered it as being a tripod and camera, hehe.

It drove straight past me, so who knows - at some point soon I could be immortalised on google maps, with... continue reading »

bank holiday biking

Rather than unnecessarily removing plastic from my boat scraping down empty rivers this weekend, I decided to go out on my bike instead.

Now, one my main justifications for buying a bike was so I can cycle to work, which is about 4.5 miles.  So far, I haven't managed this - a few short rides around in the evenings, but nothing significant.

I conveniently live right next to the canal, which has a towpath forming part of one of the proper national cycle routes (41?), so that seemed like a good idea. It also has mileposts, meaning I can be lazy and... continue reading »

wrong number

It turns out that my landline number used to be a customer support number for some pharmaceutical company.

I'm not usually home in the daytime so this isn't really an issue, but when I have been home I'd have the odd call

This morning's took the piss somewhat.  Phone rings, I'm in bed snoozing so ignore it.  Phone keeps ringing. Doesn't shut up.  Still ringing.  Fine, I will get up and answer it.

"hello, I have a few queries"
"this is blah blah pharmaceuticals?"
"oh, no, it's not"
"oh right, so who is this then?"
"it's a private residence"
"but the book says this is their number!!"
"I think... continue reading »