wrong number

It turns out that my landline number used to be a customer support number for some pharmaceutical company.

I'm not usually home in the daytime so this isn't really an issue, but when I have been home I'd have the odd call

This morning's took the piss somewhat.  Phone rings, I'm in bed snoozing so ignore it.  Phone keeps ringing. Doesn't shut up.  Still ringing.  Fine, I will get up and answer it.

"hello, I have a few queries"
"this is blah blah pharmaceuticals?"
"oh, no, it's not"
"oh right, so who is this then?"
"it's a private residence"
"but the book says this is their number!!"
"I think it used to be, but not any more"
"can you put me through to them?"
"er, no, I have no idea what their number is now"
"oh, that's not very helpful"

I wonder if my phone has a hang up or silence button like my mobile does, hmm...


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