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Tis the Season

...and all that.

I've finished work for the year :)  Apparently since the end of June I've managed to take just one single day of holiday, so I'm probably due a break!

Presents are all bought and wrapped up, I've made (and scoffed) a lot of mince pies, and currently cooling in my kitchen is a mincemeat and marzipan tealoaf.  yum yum.

Christmas shopping has been a bit of a dangerous one this year. As well as sucessfully buying all required presents, I seem to have treated myself to quite a few bits and bobs.  A book, some poi, and today I mostly-accidentally... continue reading »


Last Sunday was very much a day of sunshine and showers.

That's the River Wye at Builth Wells.  Very pretty!

Taken whilst we were faffing a bit waiting to go kayaking :)  But there were also lots of rainbows spotted on the drive over - which seemed to be so close to the car that you could almost have touched them if you stuck your hand out of the window.  No sign of any pots of gold, unfortunately!

Credit Card fraud

I am ill :(  Now on day 7 of some horrible tummy bug that may or may not have been caused by taking a little swim in the River Taff... (although feeling much better today, which is good :))

Anyway, Friday morning I got a phone call from the bank.  After going through the usual "can you confirm your address?" "yes, but first can you confirm you're actually the bank?" and phoning them back malarkey, it turns out they'd flagged up some fraudulent transactions :(

On the one hand, I'm very pleased they spotted it and acted so fast (card cancelled immediately,... continue reading »