Tis the Season

...and all that.

I've finished work for the year :)  Apparently since the end of June I've managed to take just one single day of holiday, so I'm probably due a break!

Presents are all bought and wrapped up, I've made (and scoffed) a lot of mince pies, and currently cooling in my kitchen is a mincemeat and marzipan tealoaf.  yum yum.

Christmas shopping has been a bit of a dangerous one this year. As well as sucessfully buying all required presents, I seem to have treated myself to quite a few bits and bobs.  A book, some poi, and today I mostly-accidentally bought myself a new camera.  Er, oops. 

In my defence, I've been after a new one for at least a year, and would have bought it in the sales if Canon weren't ending their £50 cashback offer tomorrow...

Other than that, it's still not snowing :(  Gloucester seems to have done a very good job of entirely avoiding all the snow.  Venture a few miles down the road into the Forest and there's plenty of it, but none here.  Rubbish!
The news tells me that the entire country has ground to a halt, but all that means is that London/the South East got some.

My current favourite source of info is the #uksnow map.  Geeky.  And bonus points for being a useful use for twitter!


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