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Capler to Fownhope

Saturday: sunshine, blue skies, warmth and general springyness.  Not a day to be spent cooped up indoors!  So I decided to go walkies.

2011's challenge is the River Wye.  I paddled a very short stretch of it last month, but 4km out of 215 isn't really much to show a quarter of the way through the year!

So I added another 5.5km of the Wye Valley Walk - from a total of 16km, starting (and ending) at Capler viewpoint (that's in Herefordshire, by the way).  Walking anticlockwise around this loop:

I set off following the Wye Valley Walk up past Capler Camp Hill... continue reading »

a weekend in Norfolk (and Suffolk)

On Saturday, I got up disgustingly early (5am?!) and drove for four hours with a somewhat hungover passenger.  We ended up in Diss (and on a side note, the A14 is a very very boring road).

Obviously there was good reason for this - a weekend away with friends from Keele :D  Scarily, this July will mark 6 years since graduation, thus 6 years of camping trips, days out and sleeping on other people's floors.  All good.

I refused to do any more driving that day, but off we went to the seaside at Southwold.  Which has a pier.  Quite a nice... continue reading »

chocolate pancakes

ahh, the one day of the year where I can be arsed to eat pancakes*...

Yesterday's worked surprisingly well.  I used a slightly different recipe from normal (well, I always use a different one as I never remember/write it down) - bit more adventurous, using buttermilk rather than normal milk.  Anyway, the batter looked thicker and more gloopy, and it did look like the pancakes might come out fat and rubbery (I like 'em thin and crêpey). But they were actually very good - and tossed brilliantly!

So for future reference:

half a pot (140ml ish) buttermilk 150g flour 2 eggs and a little bit of... continue reading »

well done O2...

Lessons learnt this week: ranting in 140 characters can be frustrating.

O2, in their infinite wisdom, decided on Thursday to push out some age verification shit and block websites it deems 'unsuitable' for under 18s.

I discovered this the fun way - whilst sat on the loo trying to read Jem's website.  Apparently I am no longer allowed to do this.  Does occasional swearing and talk of breastfeeding make it that unsuitable for minors?  fuck knows.  B3ta's also blocked, but that's a lot less surprising. (as a side note, if I swear more (is that even possible?!) will I get blocked too...?)

So... continue reading »