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Llandogo to Monmouth

Making use of "mum's taxis" for this one - aka getting a lift to Llandogo and walking back.

For some reason most of the photos I took are of bridges.  Probably because that's about all there is on this stretch to bother taking pics of!

Nah, it's not that boring really - another section I'm relatively familiar with due to Scouting activities as a teenager.

From my previous end point above Llandogo, I continued on through Cuckoo Woods, with the occasional sneaky glimpse down to Bigsweir Bridge (currently being repaired).  The path then drops down to meet the river in Whitebrook, and continues... continue reading »

Manics in Cardiff

Manic Street Preachers. Cardiff.  21st May 2011. 

And they were utterly fantastic. 23 songs - a good mix from all the albums (though nothing from Journal For Plague Lovers), including a couple of more 'obscure' songs that the drunk idiots causing chaos in the mosh pit obviously didn't recognise.  Ha!

Points worth noting:

James doing Can't Take My Eyes Off You with a towel on his head getting the Welsh national anthemn as an intro to Motown Junk Nicky reappeared wearing an obscenely short Welsh flag skirt (the front row got an eye full when he was jumping about doing high kicks, that's for sure!) I... continue reading »

Chepstow to Llandogo

The postman brought me two exciting things on Saturday morning.  First up, my FSRT certificate, and secondly a shiny brand new map.

So I tootled off to Llandogo, parked the car and jumped on the bus.  £3.05 and 25 minutes later I arrived in Chepstow.

Chepstow Castle marks the start (or finish, depending how you look at it) of the Wye Valley Walk.  There's a big lump of stone there to prove this, taken from Plynlimon.  Apparently there's a bit of Chepstow rock at the other end too, which I will see later on this year!

From Chepstow the walk goes through the... continue reading »


Hurrah, I have completed an entire section of the WVW - between Ross-on-Wye and Hereford! 

Last weekend featured Brockhampton (reached on my first walk) through How Caple to Hole in the Wall (where I ended up last time).  And back again.

A relatively short and easy journey - 13.5km - but quite pleasant and peaceful.  A bit too close to being a straight 'there and back' for my liking though - I did the return leg along the road to avoid completely retracing my steps!

As it had been a fairly easy walk, I still had enough energy left on Sunday for a... continue reading »

adventures in web hosting

If you can read this, I've successfully managed to move my website to new hosting. For the second time this year.

I've used shared web hosting for many many years now, with rarely any problems.  When I went back to uni and became very poor, my sites ended up on a friend's reseller account, costing me nothing.  And, er, they stayed there.  Service got progressively worse,  lots of downtime with no explanation etc

Not ideal, even if you aren't paying :P  Not being able to complain directly was getting a bit annoying (not that their customer support were that helpful anyway), and... continue reading »