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Y Wal at Afan

Here's a GPS trace of most of "Y Wal" at Afan.  There's a bit missing because at that point I took my coat off (with gps logger in the pocket) and shoved it into the depths of my backpack where it couldn't lock on to the satellites. oops.  I realised this mistake, and moved it to somewhere more sensible at the next stopping point!

Anyway, yes. Red mountain biking - probably not my normal choice for a weekend's activity, but this was a bit of a uni reunion type thing, involving many keen bikers.  Plus a few of us with somewhat... continue reading »

a town made of books

I'm spending a large amount of my spare time at the moment editing photos.  This is the one 'downside' of spending weekends out and about!  It also creates backlogs of actual blog posts (ie the words to go with the pictures!), oops.

Here's a small hint about where I went walking last Sunday:

Books and bookshops wherever you look.  Must be Hay on Wye!

I arrived around lunchtime, having got up early to watch Wales put in a fantastic effort against South Africa in their opening game of the rugby world cup (far more entertaining than watching England miss kicks the previous morning... continue reading »

Tryweryn weekend

August bank holiday weekend in North Wales - usually means guaranteed rain, but this time only in the form of short showers between bits of sunshine.

I took Friday off work for an extra long weekend, and in the afternoon we headed up to Bala.  Not without incident - for starters, I'd had to beg a security person to let me load my car up (Tall Ships festival = busy docks!). 
We went via the back roads, which took forever due to getting stuck behind several slow moving lorries full of hay.  Still prettier than going via motorway though.

We camped at... continue reading »