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home made trophies

This week was the canoe club AGM... several hours of bickering, followed by an awards ceremony.  Most of our awards are fairly lighthearted, with suitably silly trophies.

Over the years these break/go missing, or we think up new awards.  So I found myself needing to make several new trophies on the cheap.  Easy!

You will need:

fence post toppers (couple of quid each from B&Q!) sandpaper clear varnish sheet of craft foam assorted glues random crap to stick on top

First I sanded any rough edges of the wood, and gave it a couple of coats of varnish (in hindsight, I should have done a lot more sanding).

Then I... continue reading »

4* training

2012's kayaking adventures started with a weekend of 4* training on Dartmoor.

Now, I'm not really one for paperwork - I got my 1* at the age of about 13, but that doesn't count!  Last year I made a bit more effort and got FSRT and First Aid certificates, but missed out on 2*assessment due to illness.  This year's aim is to do WWSR - in my opinion far more useful than star awards!

On Saturday morning we met up with Chris, our trainer/coach/whatever, in Buckfastleigh and after a bit of a briefing got kitted up and headed off to paddle the... continue reading »

2011 in photos

Welcome to 2012, home of the London Olympics (which I don't give a shit about) and possibly the end of the world (again. yawn).  Personally I'm far more excited at the idea of getting a new boat in a few months time, but there you go...

2011 ended in a quiet pub, sober.  I was knackered from paddling in the daytime and being up late drinking the night before, so I feel this is acceptable ;)
Overall, it was probably a good year.  Nothing massively bad seems to have happened - or if it did I've already forgotten it - and I've... continue reading »