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magnetised nails!

I spent many weekends of my teenage years obsessively painting my nails.  But then I grew out of it, sort of.. mostly due to laziness/having other (better?) things to do with my time.

But then recently I've realised that the internet is full of websites dedicated just to photos of pretty coloured nails. Oooh.

And nail polish technology has obviously come a long way too.  Before xmas I discovered crackle top coats, and now I find you can get 'magnetic' polish.  Yes please!

17 polish from Boots, in 'gunmetal'.  Such a cool effect!  There's teeny iron filings or something within the actual polish,... continue reading »

I moved house

Not entirely my decision - my landlord decided to sell up, which will probably take several more months but I couldn't be arsed to hang around waiting to be turfed out.

Plus I managed to find somewhere nice quite quickly.  As lovely as my old flat was my housing needs have changed a lot in the last 3 years.  The new place has a garage (no more kayak in the living room!), gas central heating (mm, warmth), and walls that aren't paper thin (so hopefully no more being woken up by out of tune singing from neighbours).  Oh, and windows that... continue reading »