magnetised nails!

I spent many weekends of my teenage years obsessively painting my nails.  But then I grew out of it, sort of.. mostly due to laziness/having other (better?) things to do with my time.

But then recently I've realised that the internet is full of websites dedicated just to photos of pretty coloured nails. Oooh.

And nail polish technology has obviously come a long way too.  Before xmas I discovered crackle top coats, and now I find you can get 'magnetic' polish.  Yes please!

gunmetal coloured 'magnetic' nail polish

17 polish from Boots, in 'gunmetal'.  Such a cool effect!  There's teeny iron filings or something within the actual polish, so that when you hover the magnet over the wet nail it attracts them and makes a pretty pattern.  This appeals greatly to the scientist in me, and also to my semi-repressed girly "oooh pretty!!!" side...

Sadly I then did some washing up and played canoe polo, which resulted in a lot of chipping.  Note also bits of bashed skin on my thumb from grabbing at the climbing wall... my life does not agree with beautifully manicured hands - oh well!


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  1. geek's mum's gravatar

    Ooh, you have a girly "oooh pretty" side? I've always suspected this, but your dad will be impressed.... Now, do these "nail waves" have pulses that can generate stop/star/time?

    geek's mum | 15th Mar 12 17:14

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