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It's been snowing!  As usual we've not got it as bad as the rest of the country, but meh.

So being a responsible grown up, I went and built a snowman in my garden.  I had started one at work on Friday whilst waiting for anyone else to show up and unlock, but that one didn't get much past 'skittle' size/shape.

Two faces because I did the first one (on the left, with leaf tie/scarf), then realised you could only see it from standing inside the garden - hence second face on the other side, visible to the neighbours.

Later on I noticed... continue reading »

October Scotland

Somehow I never got around to writing about our trip to Scotland last October. oops.

We went up for a whole week, for some paddling (of course!) and also for Sharon and Duncan's wedding :)

I'm a sucker for autumn colour anyway, but the highlands were particularly orange and beautiful.  Not that it hasn't been just as pretty at easter, of course - just a bit more green.

Paddling wise, we were quite lazy and could have done more rivers if we'd felt arsed.  But instead there were hangovers, trips to the shops/pharmacy, and some faffing about driving up to Invermoriston for no... continue reading »

2012 in pictures

This worked well last year, so let's do it again for 2012!

Hello 2013

Something we haven't seen much of recently - rays of sunshine!  Taken on a New Year's Day walk around Gloucester (to clear the hangover a bit, ahem)

Review of 2012 coming up as soon as I find the right photos. As for 2013, I dare say it'll involve large amounts of kayaking.  And the end of the Wye, which I really should have finished by now.  I'm blaming the weather.

One resolution of sorts is to improve my flexibility so I can actually touch my toes.  Can't remember ever being able to do it, but we shall see...