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Cheltenham Parkrun

Today I got up and went for a run.

More specifically, the very first Cheltenham Parkrun - a proper timed 5k event, running laps of the lake in Pittville Park.  Along with 233 other people, wow.

I have done one parkrun before - the Forest of Dean one, back in 2010.  But I struggle to find the enthusiasm to drive 20 miles early on a Saturday just to go and hurt my body by trying to run.  It's a very low priority behind kayaking and lie ins!

But Cheltenham is much closer, and after persuasion from a couple of mates I couldn't come... continue reading »

deleting email

In Gmail, when your bin is empty you get this message:

No conversations in the Bin. Who needs to delete when you have so much storage?!

...and since I first shifted my mail over to google in about 2007, I've mostly gone along with that.

In a fit of organisational madness the other weekend, I realised why this is a rubbish idea.

Mailshots.  "look we have a sale!  daily deals!  come and spend all your money!".  Five year's worth of them.  And as exciting as it is to be able to see what ebay were trying to tempt me with in April 2009, I... continue reading »